Magic Of The Gaur Gum Powder

THE GAUR GUM POWDER IS ALSO KNOWN AS THE guaran. Its biological name is GALACTOMANNAN. This free flow off-white powder is made by milling the guar seeds.
The INDIA is the highest guar gum powder producing country. India produces 80% of the total world production of guar gum powder. PUNJAB is the main guar gum producing state of india. RAJASTHAN, GUJARAT AND HARYANA are also produces huge quantity of the guar seeds. So it is the favorable substance for the manufacturer, suppliers and the exporters.

With reference to chemical terms, the guar gum is called POLYSACCHARIDE composed of sugars, galactose and mannose. The guar gum is a good stabilizer. When borax or calcium, cross-links with guar gum lead it to jel. The guar gum is insoluble in most hydrocarbon solvents. It is a water soluble fibre and it acts as a bulk-forming laxative. So manufacturers, suppliers and exporters have their big market to pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Though the guar gum powder has its usage in many industries and India is the largest guar gum producing country the commercial production of the powder has its special aspect with reference to its requirement.

The food grade powder is produced in many stages. The splits are collected, cleaned and soaked to prehydrate in a double-cone mixer. And then it made as per requirement.

The guar gum is an ideal and economic thickening agent. The guar gum has eight times water thickening potency than the very familiar thickening agent-the cornstarch. Only little quantity of the powder is require to get sufficient viscosity. This property of guar gum made it importance in many industries. It is widely used as an emulsifier and stabilizer. The guar gum helps to prevent oil droplets from coalescing. It is also helps to prevent solid particles from setting.

The guar gum slowdown the mass transfer across the solid-liquid interface by the retardation of ice crystal growth. So it is the favorable stabilizer.

Because of its these properties it has variety of application in the industries. It is widely used in textile industry, paper industry, explosives industries, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, in toothpaste, in shampoos, nano particles industry, in hydroseeding, fire retardant industry, in mining, in hydraulic fracturing.

The guar gum powder has its usage in so many industries, and India is the largest manufacturer of the guar gum powder, one can get many reference sites for the requirement of the same.

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